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Eligible Areas

The American Redevelopment Regional Center covers all the agencies in the three designated counties - Riverside County, San Bernardino County and Los Angeles County. These Counties were selected by American Redevelopment as it was determined that these three counties have the greatest potential for growth and positive development.

In recent years, Riverside County and San Bernardino County and the outer areas of Los Angeles County have seen a tremendous growth in single family homes as families have moved farther away from the populated center in order to find affordable homes. At the same time, especially with the current economy, business growth and development has been slow to keep up with the demands of this changing population. This has created a situation in which the residents of these new communities are forced to suffer long commutes to locate employment, obtain medical care and other professional services.

Using Riverside to illustrate the point, in Riverside County, almost 89% of the employed residents commute to work with 68% of the employees driving themselves alone in their own personal vehicle. The average commute time for Riverside County residents is in excess of an hour a day, with many resident spending well over an hour each way to commute to work. San Bernardino County and Los Angeles County face similar issues. This creates a tremendous opportunity to develop businesses within these growing communities in order to alleviate the burden of the long commutes.

Environmentally, the three designated counties are known to have mild temperatures ranging in the low 40’s (F) in january to the highs of 110 (F) in July and August. The average rainfall is four inches per year. Generally the climate is mild and comfortable with patterns of being hot and dry in the summer. The environment is ideal for new construction and development as well as for providing a stable environment for year round business support.

Moreover, these counties have the population base to support new business growth. Riverside County had a population of 2,073,571 in 2007 with an 18.7% growth rate in the past five years. San Bernardino County had a population in 2007 of 2,007,800 and a growth rate of 10.1%. Los Angeles County had a population in 2007 of 9,878,554 and is expected to be over 11,000,000 within ten years.

The population, growth patterns and environment of these three counties provide an excellent opportunity for growth and development in which American Redevelopment will focus its efforts.