American Redevelopment Regional Center

If you want to live, work or retire in the United States, now is the time to explore your options. For years, entering the United States as an immigrant investor was next to impossible. For the first time in over a decade, the US government is actively promoting the EB-5 program. The current economic conditions are forcing the US government to welcome foreign investment in exchange for permanent resident status. No one knows how long this situation will last.

The highly beneficial Pilot Program which authorizes Regional Centers has just been approved by congress for a three year extension. This may be the last extension granted this program. Regional Centers enjoy the benefit of relaxed job creation requirements. Historically, job creation has been the most difficult aspect of the immigrant investor program. During this climate of mutual need, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) has allowed a few Regional Centers to dispense with the need to hire any direct employees. This removes what was the biggest stumbling block to your future as a legal United States permanent resident.

American Redevelopment Regional Center (ARRC) is a government approved regional center. Investing with ARRC will allow you and your family to enter the United States and enjoy the benefits of a permanent legal resident. This means that you, your spouse and children can live anywhere in the United States for as long as you choose. Your children can attend US colleges and universities on the same basis as other Americans.

American Redevelopment Regional Center provides a safe and secure pathway to legal permanent residency in the United States through direct investment in Southern California commercial real estate. Unlike other regional center programs, each investor in an ARRC project will own a share of the commercial property which is at the center of his investment. There is no complicated corporate structure leaving the investor unsure of exactly what they own.

Each ARRC project consists of real property located in Southern California in areas which have shown a consistent level of value stabilization. Due to the lack of commercial credit, there is very little development underway in California. This means that as economic conditions improve, there will be a shortage of commercial real estate to meet the region’s needs. Prices are at an all time low, making this the perfect time to take advantage of the security that real estate investments will provide over the next five years